04 October 2010

Cheers: to Culture Shock!

To welcome myself and the 2 other new English teachers, the Department of Languages gathered in the lounge for a little get together a couple hours before classes began. Everyone grabbed a glass of bubbly (or was it wine? I'm not sure..). This was a toast to our cooperation and success teaching with the Department of Languages. We all said Na ZdravĂ­, or cheers, and downed our drinks. Refills were offered but graciously declined.
It was a very nice and warm welcome but a bit of culture shock. First, alcohol on campus. Second, allowing us to consume the tiniest amout of said alcohol before class. These customs would not fly at my alma mater. It was a very different experience for me at this welcome metting but because of that, it felt sincere. New things like this are why I am here. 
Na ZdravĂ­!

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