10 December 2008

Goodbye to Columbia

This is my last full week and weekend in Columbia for a long time. It's astounding how much I'm going to miss this town. I'll miss the great indie/foreign films at the RagTag including the annual True/False film festival. I'll miss the inspirational speakers hosted by the University. All the delicious and nutritious local hole-in-the-wall restaurants. I'll even miss the smelly and hairy hippies that hang out there! Most of all, I'm going to miss it's random seasonal events that celebrate each season of the year. Luckily I was able to make it to the annual Living Window Festival last weekend. This is where each store has a live x-mas scene in their window for two hours on a Friday night. Jon and I enjoyed free hot chocolate, roasted chestnuts, and cider. Santa was in the bank greeting children and Journalism students swarmed around the action (as usual). 
When I came to visit Mizzou with my parents 3 years ago for the transfer-student orientation, we were lucky enough to stumble upon this cute tradition. Ever since, I always make a point to be there and remember the time when I fell in love with Columbia. Happy 3 year anniversary, Columbia. I will miss you!

19 November 2008

I still have emotions?

Tonight at the study abroad meeting the question came up "What do you still need to do to prepare emotionally before going abroad."
What? They care about our feelings?! I've been so overwhelmed with endless paperwork, lists, and the french bureaucratic system that I haven't even thought about preparing emotionally. 
I've said goodbye to my family 2 times before but only for a few weeks at a time. I've been away from my boyfriend but not in different countries. On the other hand, I have said goodbye to my home in Texas and established a life thousands of miles from my family (not on purpose, of course). I'd say I'm fairly independent for a 20 year old. 
Does that mean I'm emotionally prepared? NO! 
My life is about to change drastically and I anticipate experiencing all ups and downs of the "W" curve. I just need to get to the point where I'm less stressed out and more able to think about how I actually feel about everything.

10 November 2008

Typical! It always happens the same way. I'm in the middle of writing an A paper for Germany History...tied up the religious controversies of Old Regime Germany...when wham! My internet addiction and instant gratification of up-to-date news convinces me to pull up one measly browser just to check the e-mail or weather. Before I know it I'm checking everyone's blog and looking at updated facebook pictures. This is the attitude my journalism teacher encourages but my Italian Civilization teacher despises. Talk about mixed signals.
20 bucks says the USDA comes up with a medication for my "disease" in the next 10 years... Hey, they hand out speed for ADD like it's candy. 
This episode is over. Back to anti-Semitism and Wilhelmine Germany.