07 October 2010

A few words on the Prague Metro

Metro stations. Everywhere they are different yet the same. Or are they the same yet different?

Certain things about the Prague Metro will bring you back in time- Soviet Union perhaps? This blog focuses in on the interesting and rather earthy tones seen in the Prague metro stations. Many stations do have these "convex and concave shapes" shapes seen in the photos, but as you get outside the city center  toward the terminal stations, you will see other shapes, patterns and colors, like Dejvick√°. Pulling into this station, you might have the impression that you've time warped back to the '70s.

Colors and shapes are interesting but let's talk escalators. Try hopping on one of these...

Once you're on, get comfortable. The Prague metro stations are so far underground that you will ride this roller coaster for about 1 minute- no joke. Let's take a ride.

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