30 May 2010

Summit Sunday #2: Windy Peak

This Sunday we took on Windy Peak in Golden Gate State Park. Who knew there was an amazing State Park in Golden, CO?! The trail lead to an amazing view of a peak that was not at all windy. Windy Peak was, however, breathtaking with a 180 degree view of the mountain range. There's nothing like a 12,000 ft summit view to reward an upward climb.
Group picture at Windy Peak

22 May 2010

Summit Sunday #1: Bear Peak

Colorado is beautiful. I don't think anyone can argue with that. In efforts to get out and see it's beauty, my sister, brother-in-law, and I have decided to spend our "day of rest" becoming part of the picturesque scenery in Colorado. Our first hike was tough, as expected. The "strenuous" Bear Peak overlooks the town of Boulder from 8200 ft. Surrounded by beautiful rock formations and luscious green pines, the almost 7 mile hike was a photo shoot waiting to happen. Hiking and photographing are hard to do at the same time, but I did manage to capture a few moments.

Plentiful rocks and trees.

Living on the edge, literally.

My seester taking in the view from the top.