04 October 2010

Yo, teach!

Time Warp: Let me bring you back to Monica in college. I fluttered my social butterfly wings all over campus. I loved being involved in organizations and stayed busy working, volunteering, and attending this and that event. Put me in infront of a large group of people? See ya... I wouldn't do it, or not without a fuss. Leading up to my senior year I knew this had to change. I enrolled in a public speaking class. I taught Study Abroad 101 at the International Center, and over the summer I facilitated a group of 13 high schoolers for 2 weeks at the Interntaional Leadership Academy. A little experience apparently went a long way. On Wednesday I stood in front of my first class of 25 students and got into the nitty gritty of English grammar. It wasn't nerve-wracking. Shaky hands and stuttering voice McGee did not stop by. It was just fun. 

Enough about me. My students are awesome. They're all Curious Georges and want to know everything about me. They participate well and they speak minimal Czech during classtime. The classroom is pretty basic. There's white board and dry-erase marker. It's challanging not to use technology as I'm used to at Mizzou. But it is also refreshing and perhaps less destracting for the students.

Needless to say my first few days as a teacher was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. This week starts a "full week" of class and I will need my 3 day weekend to recover :).

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