15 April 2010

One Month Countdown

In exactly one month from today I will graduate from the University of Missouri and leave the town I fell in love with 4 years ago. 30 days until the "real world". I am going to try my best to spend this time left wisely, appreciating all the things about Columbia that I will miss. Today I kicked off the countdown by running my weekly 5K on the Missouri Katy Trail instead of in Mizzou's Rec Center. The trees are in full bloom and shed a light coating of pollen on me. I assume this is nature's way of telling me it loves me. The registered botanical gardens that is University of Missouri campus is buzzing, literally, with springtime bees busy pollenating like crazy. Oh the sweet sweet nectar. I treasure these days until springtime morphs into the hot, humid Missouri summer.

photo from Mizzou Homecoming 5K on the Katy Trail in 2008

08 April 2010

True/False Film Festival

I apologize for the delay in posting about the amazingness that was the True/False Film Festival this year. I've become film festival volunteer enthusiast to a)meet international filmmakers and film followers b)give back to my community and c)get into films for FREE! The growing popularity of this festival over the past few years astounds me. But it's really no surprise that the liberal and grassroots scene in Columbia, Missouri can pull off something this huge! There were over 600 volunteers alone and thousands of national and internationals flocked to Columbia via Airport and Interstate 70 to view a plethora of interesting documentaries. In addition to volunteering at the merchandise table, I was able to screen 5 films. My favorite among all of them was British in Bed. Another that got rave reviews, although I was unable to see it, was Gasland. For those who missed the fest, I suggest renting the documentary DVDs at 9th Street Video or vowing to be at a T/F 2011.