02 February 2009

Crêpe Day - La Chandeleur

February 2nd is Groundhog Day in the States but it is La Chandeleur (Candelmas) in France. Candelmas is a traditional Catholic holiday but also a great excuse to eat delicious French crêpes. The myth is if the cook can flip a crêpe with the left hand while holding a coin in the other, his/her family will be prosperous for the remainder of the year. 

I didn't attempt this trick on La Chadeleur this year, as it was my first time to make real crêpes. My first attempt at making crêpes was fun. It's a quick and easy recipe. Mine were not perfectly round the first time but with a little Nutella or confiture (jam) they tasted parfait! 

A few days ago, I attended to a pre-celebration of La Chandeleur with some French friends. We began the night with sparkling cider, pretzels, and peanuts. Then out came a pile of more than 50 steamy homemade crêpes. The menu included crêpe salés (salty) et sucrée (sugary). First, we filled the crêpes with ham or turkey and shredded fromage. It was equivalent to eating a melty sandwich. Then, we continued with sugary crêpes, filling them with Nutella, jam, or honey. A long night of eating delicious crêpes and conversing in French really wore me out!
I need to rest up and digest before another tasty French holiday presents itself!

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