01 February 2009

Skiing in the French Alps

When I heard of an amazing opportunity to go skiing in the French Alpes , I took full advantage of it. A camping store called Vieux Campeur takes a bus to the mountains every Sunday for a day of skiing. My friend, Clara, and I took a beautiful 2.5 hour bus ride from from Lyon to Beaufort, France. It is just south-east of Genève, overlooking Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in Western Europe). The Areches Beaufort ski town was small and charming. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to explore it because I spent the entire time skiing. The slopes were white with a fresh coat of powder from the morning snow. We ascended the alps on the lift and the pines seemed to evaporate as we surpassed the tree line. The view was pure white down every path. At times, the monochrome snow threw my depth-perception and direction. Lift after lift, I swear we reached heaven. 

I held my breath at times when flying down the level red and level blue slopes back to Earth. Clara and I paused frequently to marvel at our view and breathe in the fresh mountain air. 

There were many sights that I cannot explain with words and a picture does not do it justice. There's only one way to articulate the view from the top and that would be me suggesting that you see it for yourself.

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