10 February 2009

vingt et un à Lyon

Dinner Party


Crêpe Party chez Anaïs Feb 5. Her and her friends sang happy birthday to me in French at midnight.

It was a cold and rainy weekend in Lyon but my friends brightened it up by visiting to celebrate my birthday! Jon, his roommate Brian, and two girls, Marissa and Patty, came in from Brussels. For my birthday dinner we enjoyed a delicious three course lyonnais meal at a Bouchon in Vieux Lyon. Afterwards we danced and hung out at a pirate bar called Barbarousse. It was really refreshing to see some familiar faces from Mizzou and it's always great to see my Jonny! Saturday was another rainy day but we kept dry in the Lumière Institute Museum. I'm a big film and photography lover, as is Jon, so it was fun seeing where our favorite industry began. The first movie camera, the Cinematograph, and other early models are preserved at the museum. 

We ended the evening with a fun dinner party chez moi. It was a little squished with 7 people in my tiny apartment, but it was a lot of fun hosting a large party. First, I served an array of red wines to go with Cousteron and Compté cheeses on whole wheat and flax baguette. I also had black olive tapenade and lyonnais saussison, which flew off the plate. For dinner, I made a vegetable and herbe de provence chicken tomato sauce served over pasta. And to top it all off, even though we were so full already, I made homemade applesauce with baked crumbs on top. It's amazing how much is possible on two hot plates and a toaster oven! C'était délicieux!

Sunday it was sad to see everyone leave, but first Jon and I took a stroll through the Quai Saône Marché for items to make a quick picnic before their train. This  is my favorite market so far with the best view of the city and lots of samples for tasting. We also went up to the snowy Fourviére hill to stroll through the rose garden and take in the view from the top of Lyon. 

That is my birthday weekend in a nutshell. Next to come is my first week break and my adventures through Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands! Stay tuned...

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