10 November 2008

Typical! It always happens the same way. I'm in the middle of writing an A paper for Germany History...tied up the religious controversies of Old Regime Germany...when wham! My internet addiction and instant gratification of up-to-date news convinces me to pull up one measly browser just to check the e-mail or weather. Before I know it I'm checking everyone's blog and looking at updated facebook pictures. This is the attitude my journalism teacher encourages but my Italian Civilization teacher despises. Talk about mixed signals.
20 bucks says the USDA comes up with a medication for my "disease" in the next 10 years... Hey, they hand out speed for ADD like it's candy. 
This episode is over. Back to anti-Semitism and Wilhelmine Germany.


  1. yea Yea YEA!!! if your addiction is anything like mine...or as involved as you'll update more than you think... welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. a supportive shout out from yomama! writin' runs in your blood, just like italian olive oil. now be a good journalism student and open a literary vein out to the world... or at least to the appreciation of yomama.