19 November 2009

XCX-a race with personality

Last weekend when LaLa and her hubby came to visit me in mid-MO I didn't have to look far for stuff to do. The XCX was a perfect commencement to a relaxing weekend with my sister. What's more fun than rising with the sun to take on a 4 mile obstacle course in the middle of a forest?! Now hear me out....

1. the Cross Country Xtreme is a private race where there's no stop-watch
2. the prizes aren't for speed, but for best costume and muddiest racer.
3. obstacles include clowns with chainsaws, crawling under (mock) barbed-wire, slopping through mud and waist-deep streams, fields of firecrackers, and smoke bombs, etc.
4. contestants include the coolest of the cool in mid-MO

LaLa and I were stick figures with our sidekicks- a dirty hippi and champion luchador. We did not take home the grenade trophy or the sacrificed leg nailed to a board trophy, but the race was a feat accomplished with great pride. The mud caked to our shoes and the stench of our costumes were memento enough.

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