02 November 2009

Walk of the Living Dead

What would you think if you saw 50 zombies walking down the street mumbling and screaming bloody murder? This was the scene in downtown Columbia the night of All Hallows Eve. Columbia Access Television (CAT) from the Stephen's College campus sponsored the first annual Zombie Walk in Columbia. Participants met at Stephen's in costume to have their faces painted before prowling downtown and scaring the life out of some Columbia residents.
Zombie Walks have become a popular community event all around the United States, and in other parts of the world, too. It could have to do with two major trends:
1. Zombie Movies. Between 2000 and 2009, the number of Zombie movies made per year has increased threefold. Between zombie horrors and zombie comedies, the film industry is doing something right.
2. Michael Jackson Following: Chicago held as Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie Walk after his death this summer. The Thriller Video from 1983 is still a very popular, creating the image that zombies are good dancers and hang out with Michael Jackson.
Has your city had a Zombie Walk? What kind of zombie would you be?
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  1. who's the cutest sky captain, yes, it is you! jon, seems to have no trouble staying in character. (the walking lifeless.... almost zen-like).