04 October 2009

Falling from the Sky

Friday morning was a bizarre time in downtown Columbia. Things were falling from the sky east and west of my apartment around 10 o'clock in the morning. It started in the morning when I heard cheering outside of my window. When I looked outside this is what I saw:

Yes, there were men descending from roof of the Tiger Hotel building. Were they window washers or recreational repellers? When I went out onto the street I learned that the Special Olympics were holding their repelling event on the Tiger Hotel on this very windy Friday morning. Good Luck!

I went about my business as normal until I received an alarming phone call from Jon. "A crane on Cherry and 10th Streets dropped something on the Neidermeyer Apartment building!" I always get nervous when I hear horror stories about apartment buildings, and I always hope it never happens to mine. Luckily the damage was minimal when the crane blew over and a metal beam fell into someone's bathroom. I made a point to pass by the building to see it myself.

I'm just happy that no one repelling off the Tiger Hotel or in the room where the metal beam fell was hurt. It doesn't change the fact that Friday morning was very bizarre, indeed!

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