28 September 2009

Columbia got the Blues

I might have a long term case of the blues. I'm not depressed and I'm feeling very happy, actually. It is due to the large amount of blues music I was subject to this weekend of the 3rd annual Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Festival in Columbia, Missouri. About 25 bands and artists filled the downtown streets with blues from Friday to Saturday night, while over 55 BBQ smokers taunted the town with their meaty smells. Hot Air Balloons took off into the autumn evening sky as we rocked out on the streets down below.
This year my parents came in town for the blues festivities and to visit their last daughter in college. My dad was in blues heaven (if there is such a thing). We listened to just about every style of blues possible: delta blues, chicago blues, folk blues, bluegrass blues, raggae blues, rockin blues, european blues, and the list continues. The highlight of course was seeing the headliner, Booker T. play his old hits. The whole weekend was a success. Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ were had in large quantities. If I could add one more " 'N" to the title it would be for " 'N Fun". Happy Fall everyone, and may the blues be with you.
Booker T. on the keyboard

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