22 February 2009

Good ol' Lyon

I'm back in Lyon after a wonderful vacation around Europe. Traveling and seeing so much of other European cities made me realize how much Lyon has to offer, too! Upon my return, I became a tourist again in Lyon. I wandered the streets with a friend, window shopping and conversing with locals. We ended up at Parc de la Tête d'Or just in time to witness a beautiful French sunset over the lake. I also discovered where the UNESCO headquarters are in Lyon- right behind the park! I'll check that out another day.

In continuing my quest for culture in Lyon, I took advantage of free student admission at Le Musée des Beaux Arts on the Presqu'île. I've found a new appreciation for art since taking European Avant-Gardes and Surrealism art classes at the Université. I was ecstatic to recognize some of the pieces and French artist on display. It was amazing to see so many famous artists in one place, which means the Louvre, Orsay, and Pompidou museums will be a real treat when I go to Paris in March! There are plenty of other museums and streets to discover in Lyon. Although the weather here doesn't impress me, the city has plenty to offer!

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