24 February 2009

« Carte a confisquer »

I have always heard that you should keep a good eye on your bank cards while traveling. They could be stolen, lost, or dropped into a river. No one ever told me that they can also be eaten by the ATM machine and deactivated. True story. It's disheartening to find out that all of a sudden there's no way to access all your money from a foreign country. Such is my situation now in France. A bank glitch has caused my card to be cancelled and ultimately confiscated from me at the French bank that I go to.

Thanks to my superman father, a new card is on the way sometime soon. I must say, though, this has been quite a reality check for me. I really should have been better prepared with plan B in this situation! I'm really lucky it was only a machine and not a thief. Oh the lessons of traveling...


  1. I like the shout out to me at the beginning of this post!

  2. your dad is all puffed up about being called a superman. be careful throwing around those powerful words, please, i have to live with him.

  3. nom nom nom...ATM like to eat bank cards!! nom nom nom!!!