26 January 2009

Le Marché Français

French people love food. I think that is why they insist on buying the freshest ingredients from their local source at the market. On any given day there is at least one outdoor market bustling in large urban city of Lyon. Endless rows of colorful vegetables and fragrant cheeses can be truly mesmerizing, not to mention mouth-watering. If the market is especially popular, there might be surprises around each corner. At the Place Carnot market on Saturdays, there's a sidewalk where breeders sell puppies. The Square Lumière and Croix-Rousse markets include everything from clothes and shoes, to art and pottery. At one market someone was selling mattresses and showerheads, which I thought was particularly odd.

Buying locally at the market isn't only fresher and environmentally more efficient, but it is generally less expensive than grocery stores. The interactions and discourse at the market is a cultural experience that is equally as important to the French as the food being sold. I think the proximity and abundance of fresh regional produce contributes largely to Lyon's pride in being the Gastronomy Capital of the World.

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