15 October 2010

The Prettiest View with You

It's a novelty to see
hot air balloons floating in the sky. It's like spotting rainbow or a shooting star- it doesn't happen often. What is it like to dangle from a basket in the sky on the blow of a hot flame? When Jon surprised me with a hot air balloon ride over the Bohemian countryside for our anniversary, I imagined people looking up at us from below smiling and pointing as I have done.

The sun rose behind the Konopiště Castle as the basket freed itself from the icy grip of the field. The fog swirl around the trees and hug the rolling hills. We saw it all from above. The trees flashed as the sun illuminated their orange, red, and yellow autumn leaves. We saw it all from above. The interruption of raging flames kept us afloat. We did the basket shuffle around our Czech balloon operator as we took in the views from every angle. After a-rather-close-encounter-with-the-trees landing, we celebrated "us" and our ballooning experience with some Bohemian sparkling wine. Our driver exclaimed, "Breakfast!" as he popped open the bottle. The whole thing was very surreal. A sunrise in the sky over the most beautiful countryside-- not to mention castles and autumn leaves. Despite it all, my favorite part wasn't the things I saw but the person I saw them with.

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