12 August 2010

You'll be speaking Czech Before You Know It

With less than a month before my departure to the Czech Republic, my brain has been on information overload. I'm cutting back on the travel guides and history books and focusing my energy on what will really help me out: language.

I have done my fair share of research this summer on programs to study the Czech language. Most of what I found was disappointing. Rosetta Stone was my first preference, but apparently Czech is one of the few languages that Rosetta does NOT speak. Once in Prauge, Berlitz and Charles University have 4 to 6-week Czech language classes for a reasonable price. Until then, I will continue practicing beginner Czech by means CDs rented from the public library and a free online program called Before You Know It. It uses flash cards and audio visual aids to teach useful words and phrases of all different categories. It's free and you don't have to download anything! To help me stay on track and get my readers (someone, anyone) involved, I will post lists like the one below on my blog.

Meeting and greeting words and phrases are especially helpful to make friends in a new country.

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