08 July 2010

Planning Ahead for Oktoberfest

As paperwork comes together for my Czech Visa, plans are forming for my first adventure this year in Euroland. Luckily, Prague is very accessible and a great hub for traveling by rail or air. Berlin is only about 7 hours by rail from Prague and will be my first stop. The second stop and real reason for this post will be Munich.


September (Yes, September) 18th is the kickoff of Oktoberfest in Munich. It will be crowded, smokey and sweaty with a hint of stale beer, and it is going to be legen-wait for it-dary! Remember the show Three Sheets from my previous post, Czech List for Prague? He's back for his second appearance in my blog to help everyone get excited for Oktoberfest.

This is one of the things on my "list" so I'm going to go all out- Dirndl dress and all. Suggestions and tips about navigating the Munich festivities are welcome and much appreciated.

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