12 June 2010

Not-So Summer Summit Weather

I double and triple checked my calendar. It is indeed June but Summit Sunday #4 is postponed due to snow in the mountains. Remember, I grew up in Texas where the daily highs are in the 100s May through September. The summer climate in Colorado is going to take some getting used to!

Although the hike is off, I still worked out my hiking muscle this week by attending a free *REI class on "14ers". In the class I learned about the 53 (though some claim 54) mountains in Colorado that have peaks registered over 14,000 feet high. And yes, people climb them. The levels of difficulty, climate, and exposure on each 14ers varies quite a bit, apparently. Because the peaks are above tree level, the weather and dangers are much different than the Mile High City. We were weary this week about the usual thunder and lighting storms at the top of these mountains. (Not so) fun fact: Colorado ranks among the highest in lightning strike density and deaths in the U.S. But with snow involved too this weekend, we did not want to double our chances at disaster. As far as my vocabulary goes, the words summer and hike are not to be used in the same sentence with frostbite or blizzard. Until it is sunny and dry, I will remain curled up with my mug of Lady Gray tea while enjoying pretty pictures of mountains on Google Images, athankyou!

*REI (Recreational Equiptment Inc.) is an outdoor recreational and sporting goods store. One of their huge flagship stores is located in downtown Denver.

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