17 September 2009

Campus Supports Buying Local

Today Mizzou hosted a Farmer's Market on campus. Thousands of students strolled through the market buying locally grown fruits, veggies, and herbs. Two enthusiastic men whistled and shouted to passer-byes as they grilled hamburgers and franks made from local meat. I sampled the homemade honey ice cream from a local bee-keeper and peacock farmer. There were Amish farmers selling their baked goods and breads. It was the type of environment that embodies every reason why I love Columbia.

Witnessing the University supporting the Local Farmers Market and the concept of buying local is inspiring. It's been an endeavor of mine to eat local since my market experiences in France and especially after watching Food INC. The Columbia Farmer's Market, The Root Cellar, Clover's Natural Market, and local restaurants such as Sycamore and Bleu have taken the initiative to help promote healthier food for people and the environment.

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