22 April 2009

Le Printemps et les Vacances

I'm back in Lyon and recovering from a whirlwind spring break vacation all over Europe. It was a quick 2 week trip through 15 cities, 5 countires, 4 hosts, 2 hostels, and one rail pass. I saw and met countless friends that each contributed to making my vacation complete. I can't think of anyway that the vacation could have been any better. C'├ętait absolument parfait!

My time here is winding down with only 1 month and 5 final exams left. I'm making the best of my time here but the time passes too quickly. I have been out of communication with the world without my computer for the past 2 weeks, but I think it's refreshing to be away from technology for some time. As a result, though, my blog has many holes and I have a lot of writing to do between traveling and studying for finals. Stay tuned for blurbs about my experiences as I update periodically when I find the time. As for now, tonight I depart on a night train and wake up in Venice in the morning. It's Jon's last weekend in Europe so we are going to make it count! A Bientot!

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