06 March 2009

Carnival Craziness

Although there are no organized carnival celebrations in Lyon, the young population takes every opportunity to party as if there were. The Carnival season is before and around Lent in Europe. My first encounter with the carnival excitement was on the m├ętro when about 15 young men and women entered my metro car wearing crazy costumes/cross-dressed. I found out later that there was no parade in Lyon, but there was a big football (soccer) game between the local Olympique Lyonnais team (#1 in France) vs. Barcelona. That's enough of an excuse to dress like it's Halloween, right?! It was fun to see all the crazy outfits all around town that night. They were always somehow complemented by a Olympique Lyonnais team scarf, hat, or flag.

I had an opportunity to take part in the festivities this week at an Erasmus Carnaval for all the international students at my university. There was a bar rented out for us where we danced the night away dressed up as all kinds of crazy characters. I saw papa smerf, lady bugs, st valentine, nerds, etc. A few of my friends and I cross-dressed (a very easy costume to put together) and pulled it off really well. Apparently I make a good looking man. It was a great party and it was fun to participate in the carnival celebration!

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