17 January 2009

TCL- Transportation en Commun de Lyon

The Métro is one of my favorite things about Lyon. In this huge city of 450,000 people, the métro makes it easy to navigate and understand. It is clean, efficient, and so much faster and safer than driving on the streets in France. I fear for the lives of bicyclists who share the road with the crazy automobile drivers. Instead of driving or biking, for 30 euros per month I have unlimited access to any bus, tramway, or métro line within the 9 arrondissements of Lyon. Of course there are a few downsides: The TCL public transportation closes from midnight to 5 am when all the nightlife is happening downtown. The "drunkbus" runs every hour between 12-5 am but luckily I have not been that desperate.. yet. Just kidding, mom. Also, travelling underground on the métro eliminates the possibility of scenery or knowing the way around. It's important to walk sometimes, especially for the sake of discovering the treasure of an alley-way patisserie or boulangerie. 
Soon I will explore the high-speed trains that connect all over Europe.  I bought a youth discount pass to travel within France and I intend to get my money's worth. Stay tuned...

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